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These methods involve random scission of chemical bonds as opposed to targeted scission of sulfur crosslinks.
Unsurprisingly, the PLA/CNC MB films and neat melt-blended PLA pellets (MB) had more chain scissions compared to their direct DB counterparts, indicating that the MB composites degraded more during the MB process as expected (Table 2).
The average number of chain scissions, a, was calculated using the following equation [33]:
Comparing predried and non predried powders with a storage time of 64 h shows reduced further crystallization as well as chain scission if water is excluded from the powder, Fig.
[[bar.N].sup.0.sub.n], [[bar.N].sub.n], and p represent the original weighted average molecular weight, the weighted average molecular weight after scission happening, and the density, respectively.
In the first group, the UV radiation changes the chemical structure of the polymer inducing chromophoric groups and such process is not accompanied by scission of the backbone of the polymer chain.
Les autres partis ne sont pas en reste oo cependant la grogne n'a pas encore vire a la scission ou a la dissidence, comme c'est le cas du Front populaire dont le dirigeant Mongi Rahoui s'est vu offrir un portefeuille ministeriel dans le gouvernement de Youssef Chahed.
As concluded in a previous work [43], the polymer chains with low molecular weights are attributed to PC chains after their scissions occurring during the grafting reaction.
In polymers, formation of microvoids is always caused by scission of covalent bonds between monomers in macromolecules.
The number of chain scissions (n) and the crosslinks (x) per mass unit of aged HDPE samples can be evaluated from Eqs.
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The number of chain scissions s and crosslinks x par mass unit are given by (9):