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It is possible that the combination of the open eye and lack of visible white sclera was less intimidating to them than eyes that concealed something unknown.
This is because other primates lack the background of white sclera necessary to make the reddened conjunctiva visible.
Recognition of jaundice * Naked inspection in natural or good light (not reliable for degree of jaundice) * Examine sclera, gums and blanched skin * Ask parents about the presence of dark urine or chalky pale stools * Ask family opinion about any yellow pigmentation
cranium vomer hard palate uvula soft palate epiglottis suture cricoid lymph node pharynx dendrite pectoral hormone intercostal sclera acetabulum stirrup vena cava olfactory subclavian
Like the Sugar Rays of the world, I have undergone retinal attachment procedures and even wear an internal sclera buckle to prevent my retina from slipping.
29) Other theories focus on intraocular pressure, suggesting that increased pressure on the sclera leads to enlargement of the eye.
They keep their shape because they are covered with a tough white tissue called the sclera (SKLARE-uh).
Our purpose was to compare collagen fibrils in lumican knockout and heterozygous (control) sclera.
To date, human recipients have had a power source attached to an electrode array by a wire that protrudes from the sclera, or white of the eye.
Whereas people with the other types of OI tend to have a bluish color in the sclera (whites of the eyes), people with Type IV often have sclera that are white or near-white.
The device cannula was positioned through a sub-Tenon episcleral approach over the globe between the sclera and Tenon's capsule.
Readings with Diaton Tonometer are taken over the upper eyelid, at the tarsus and over the sclera, not through the cornea.