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Simple Scoff consisted of recipes and cooking advice contributed by students and other members of the university community, aimed explicitly at students.
Scoff and Quaff now operates six pubs in Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire.
Scoff 's first focus is a pop-up project each Saturday at the Cask and Bottle in Leamington Spa where traders will take turns each week to take over the kitchen delivering pub grub with a twist.
Several studies have examined the psychometric characteristics of the SCOFF, both in the original version and in its translation into several other languages (see Table 1).
A group of female folk singers kept the supporters enthralled for several hours by belting out one parody after another to scoff at the Nitish Kumar government as well as the Centre.
There is definitely something touching about Nesbitt's compassion, something endearing about his generosity, something indeed that many of our politicians may scoff at.
1pm YUM YUM: Nigella tucks into lobster with a companion 8pm GLUM GLUM: She's thoughtful after steak with husband Charles TUM TUM: Nigella is full up after her double scoff
For a man whose nickname suggests he'll scoff anything (he's fondly known as Hugh Fearnley-EatsItAll), there is at least one thing he won't put anywhere near his mouth, as he reveals: "I certainly wouldn't eat the white on top of a fried egg if it was still transparent.
But who are we, who are we to scoff at such things?
Though we Catholics might scoff at such a fundamentalist reading of scripture, another piece of wisdom, somewhat better known than Timothy's, applies: Those who live in (stained) glass houses shouldn't throw stones.