scoff at

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No, he scoffed; there wasn't anything he wouldn't scoff at.
It is easy for those with a doctrine of so-called efficiency to scoff at the idea that wages need to be sufficient for the acquisition of property as well as for the finer things of life, and that work should be of a nature to enable the worker and his dependants to enjoy them.
A group of female folk singers kept the supporters enthralled for several hours by belting out one parody after another to scoff at the Nitish Kumar government as well as the Centre.
There is definitely something touching about Nesbitt's compassion, something endearing about his generosity, something indeed that many of our politicians may scoff at.
Fearful that the mother is about to lose her job, the family cuts back on expenses just as Nesta begins to go out with a wealthy boy who has some snobbish friends who scoff at her clothes and her color.
In Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (the book), Ted Allen doesn't scoff at the question "If I can get produce year-round, why do I care what's in season?
He chides those who scoff at her small sacrifices (such as folding the mantles that the other sisters had forgotten) as "spiritual snobs
There are, of course, many good Americans who would scoff at this assessment, despite recognizing the danger.
Sitting in classrooms with Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs and Christians in his native India, Amar grew to realize that people need to understand the logic of different religions before they dismiss or scoff at their teachings.
BAT officials scoff at the notion that tobacco is anywhere near as serious as the many other challenges facing Africa.
While some may scoff at their optimistic approach to empowering wayward teens, DeJesus and Dolphin are letting the numbers speak for themselves.