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The prince recollected that somebody had told him something of the kind before, and he had, of course, scoffed at it.
Momulla scoffed at the fears of his fellow, pointing out that as no one aboard any warship knew of their mutiny there could be no reason why they should be suspected.
When she had recently insisted that the same man had been at the head of her father's creatures in an attempt to rescue her, both von Horn and Professor Maxon scoffed at the idea, until at last she was convinced that the fright and the firelight had conspired to conjure in her brain the likeness of one who was linked by memory to another time of danger and despair.
Instead they questioned me; but it was evident that they did not believe my story, for they scoffed and laughed.
The very idea of your being scared of those cows," scoffed Davy.
The early religious training, at which she had scoffed in the insolence of health and strength, revealed its latent influence--intermitted, but a living influence always from first to last.
Polly scoffed at this sort of thing sometimes, but to-night she accepted it without a murmur rather enjoyed it in fact, let her bracelets shine before the eyes of all men, and felt that it was good to seem comely in their sight.
I think this story-writing business is the foolishest yet," scoffed Marilla.
Neither he nor Saxon could make anything of it, and both scoffed at the idea of a felon.
People who hadn't been there scoffed, as people who have never been to Sunderland may scoff.
It was scoffed at then; many will probably scoff now.
It seems almost another age when the Chemics - the Vikings monicker would have been scoffed out of town back then - were world champions in 1990.