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Even though she'd thought she'd found a fail-safe place, her "lazy chocaholic" husband had found her stash and scoffed the lot.
London: Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond has scoffed at suggestions he sought to gain political profit from Andy Murray's Wimbledon win by brandishing a Scottish Saltire flag directly behind David Cameron's head as the two leaders sat in the Royal Box on Centre Court.
He also scoffed at those "who had snatched former PM Gilani from the glory of PPP " as, " I have given them a new PPP Loyalist", he boasted.
TELLY chef Nigella Lawson scoffed two luxury meals at the same venue in one day last week - with TWO different blokes.
Only lottery winners are that content," scoffed Colin.
He scoffed at concerns that sweeping aside constitutional barriers might lead America toward a police state.
We all scoffed back in 1996 when President Bill Clinton declared "the era of big government is over.
Craig initially scoffed at the curse until he finds that flies are a delicacy.
Bloomberg scoffed at the eleventh hour bid claiming it was disingenuous, but MSG said it is dead serious.
It is a special branch of science much scoffed off by some scientists because its theories are difficult to prove, and seem a lot like hocus-pocus to scientists and laymen alike.
Analysts scoffed at this claim, pointing out that relative to other G7 nations, at [yen] 260 a pack Japanese smokers pay exceptionally little to stoke their habit.