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I have termed such critics scoffers (or pseudo-skeptics) because they assert negative claims rather than express indecision or agnosticism.
I pride myself a cynic about all things Worcester, a mocker and a scoffer, as most Worcesterites tend to be.
Sprout scoffer extraordinaire Jon Hart, from Sunder-land, was the winner, chomping his way through a whopping 46 sprouts.
Sure, he might have spent a week living like a badger beneath the Berkshire countryside, but appearing on Britain's Next Top Lentil Scoffer had been worth it.
Normally I am a scoffer at the supernatural but on evenings like this, I am convinced deep in my heart, that the fairies exist, just as you and I know on solemn winter midnights that the eyes of forlorn spirits are watching us with uncanny interest.
Amazingly easy to drink, this trickster is a great pre-club scoffer but should be treated with caution.
And it irritated me beyond patience when a scoffer, deep into that bracket of the brainless, loftily dismissed the Lexus thus: "Well, it's OK I suppose - but it doesn't have any tradition, old boy, does it?
Being a scoffer who can't refuse, we returned in the summer for another two weeks of wall-to-wall sunshine, drooling at the prospect of that succulent chicken piri-piri.
But during yesterday's show the serial scoffer feasted on a fry-up.
Agricultural worker Graham Robb, 38, was this week named Scotland's fastest scoffer of the noble pud at the Birnham Highland Games in Perthshire.
He was not impressed by the pedestrian exertions of England's most notorious kebab scoffer back in his home town and was scathing of Gazza's excess puppy fat.
Allen, Biggane, Pitts, Ottondo and Scoffer (2013) evaluated these informational characteristics in the context of corporate websites.