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This being said, Michelin remains the most credible companion for the itinerant scoffer.
The village of Nemirov is visited by a skeptical Litvak, which means a scoffer or doubter possibly from Lithuania, one who disbelieves in miracles.
But even for the experienced foodie, or seasoned shawarma scoffer, there will be plenty to tickle the tastebuds.
Contemporary critics derided it as the "Empty State Building," just as today one scoffer has, in a nice double entendre, called the luxury-residential Burj a "monument to architectural vacancy.
Some time later, when a hot-air balloon soared over the English Channel, one scoffer asked, "What good is that?
He then goes on to develop the foundation utilized throughout his discussion, identifying three elements that repeatedly surface throughout these titles: (1) a cautionary tale suggesting the occult practice is dangerous, or a straightforward moral caution regarding the occult; (2) a doubter or scoffer who must be convinced of the existence of the occult path within the narrative; and (3) a lecture by one of the characters that establishes the occult frame of reference, or rules of the game, for the story.
Responding to a morose unbeliever who in "Ni quiero oir de un Dios" rejects all signs of divinity in his life, the poet-listener addresses the artless scoffer by pointing to the vault of heaven and the panoramic view accessible to an eagle in flight.
One eyewitness described Jasper this way: "Jasper's sermons were a pentecost for the curious, a juicy apple for the hard-driven reporter, a festival for the scoffer, and a financial bonanza for the saints of the Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Church.
Scoffer William Montgomery, 36, tipped the scales at 21 stone before he lost over five.
The Skimmer is more sophisticated, and better funded, than the Scoffer or the Diver.
But, as a self-confessed veteran egg scoffer, he was not about to make a meal of his achievement.
In addition, she is considered by her friends a political outsider: "it was certainly a point for their side that the iconoclast and scoffer was the first of the little band to get married" (6).