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What if the acts he had reconciled himself to because they made him a stronger instrument of the divine glory, were to become the pretext of the scoffer, and a darkening of that glory?
Before it was altogether dark the curious crowd had collected in the street, silent, as a rule, and expectant, with here and there a scoffer uttering his incredulity and courage with scornful remarks or ribald cries.
     I'll help to kill the scoffer.
Involuntarily he glanced up and around to see if there were any trace of those opportune levin-flashes and thunderbolts which, in the "Acta Sanctorum," were wont so often to cut short the loose talk of the scoffer.
We know truth when we see it, let skeptic and scoffer say what they choose.
But it is not the danger of the noble man to turn a good man, but lest he should become a blusterer, a scoffer, or a destroyer.
Now, in the heyday of his highest glory, his fullest flower, he would have to be a liar or a scoffer.
Not the cruellest scoffer of them all could doubt now.
See Genesis 1:1-2; John 6:63; Jude 17-20: "But you, beloved, remember the words spoken beforehand by the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ, for they told you, 'In the last time there will be scoffers who will live according to their own godless desires.
Scoffers may scoff, nonbelievers may not believe, but, in my opinion, she said this with such certitude and conviction, she told the truth.
Sid Caesar and Mel Brooks, let alone Woody Allen, amongst all the jokers and scoffers, would never agree with Ozick.