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When he had fixed his piercing look on this modern Babylon, which equally engages the contemplation of the religious enthusiast, the materialist, and the scoffer, -- "Great city," murmured he, inclining his head, and joining his hands as if in prayer, "less than six months have elapsed since first I entered thy gates.
Vain and foolish were the motives that had brought most of the adventurers to the Crystal Hills; but none so vain, so foolish, and so impious too, as that of the scoffer with the prodigious spectacles.
What if the acts he had reconciled himself to because they made him a stronger instrument of the divine glory, were to become the pretext of the scoffer, and a darkening of that glory?
Involuntarily he glanced up and around to see if there were any trace of those opportune levin-flashes and thunderbolts which, in the "Acta Sanctorum," were wont so often to cut short the loose talk of the scoffer.
Not the cruellest scoffer of them all could doubt now.
You are a scoffer, a man of the world, a cavalry officer, and, though not without brains, you do not realize how profound is your thought, nor how true.
We know truth when we see it, let skeptic and scoffer say what they choose.
He was able to turn Aunt Polly's Saturday morning work punishment into a wall painting carnival shrewdly turning scoffers into willing volunteers for his tedious work.
caulk decorative borders, roof scoffers, windows, shutters, radio tower anchor, and doorways before starting painting.
Everyone who watches the film knows that while scoffers in town may scoff, a wave is coming sooner rather than later.
Unsavoury language, along with the pie scoffers, was missing but it wasn't hard to locate rival supporters of Sire De Grugy and Un De Sceaux, with scarves bearing the racing colours of both dotted throughout Ascot.