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So they among themselves in pleasant veine Stood scoffing, highthn'd in thir thoughts beyond All doubt of Victorie, eternal might To match with thir inventions they presum'd So easie, and of his Thunder made a scorn, And all his Host derided, while they stood A while in trouble; but they stood not long, Rage prompted them at length, & found them arms Against such hellish mischief fit to oppose.
Yes, but I can't pray alone, with him in there alone, too, and you here with me, scoffing.
There is a master of scoffing, that in his catalogue of books of a feigned library, sets down this title of a book, The Morris-Dance of Heretics.
I do not expect you to understand my grounds of action--it is not an easy thing even to thread a path for principles in the intricacies of the world-- still less to make the thread clear for the careless and the scoffing.
I admit that Number One leaves much to be desired--much to be desired; but Number Two shows a marked advance along certain lines, and I am sure that tomorrow will divulge in experiment Number Three such strides as will forever silence any propensity toward scoffing which you may now entertain.
He had always been irreligious, scoffing good-naturedly at the sky-pilots and their immortality of the soul.
The Man stopped and asked what they were scoffing at.
Child of levity and scoffing," replied the other; "you err again, misled by these humble habiliments.