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scoffs sixteen-year-old militia leader Johnny Mad Dog, the novel's second narrator.
Randolph scoffs at her firmly convinced Daisy murdered his relative.
But Enders, who is beginning her professional career at this weekend's 45th Carquest Winternationals at Fairplex, scoffs at the comparison.
Praeger scoffs at using heart-damaging hydrogenated oils.
Jade scoffs at the idea of being the perfect housewife and fights a constant battle between motherhood and her careen Her sharp tongue gets everyone's blood boiling.
THINLY DISGUISED: A year ago; CUDDLY: Vanessa in the old days; THE BOTTOM LINE: Vanessa is putting the broad into going abroad; LITTLE AND LARGE: Vanessa chats away to her new slim but hunky chum; NUTS: She scoffs a fattening snack; BIG LAUGHS: She roars over a joke from her poolside pal