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Chris Hutcheson launched Scoffs diner after he and the TV chef, who are former business partners, had a much-publicised fall-out.
Hua Zhuang conceived the character as a tall, lanky hedonist who mercilessly taunts Tybalt (danced beautifully by Michael Bearden), while Jeff Herbig's hyperactive, annoying Mercutio scoffs at Tybalt even as he dies.
He hears a lot of wild conspiracy theories about chemtrails, aliens, and government cover-ups, but scoffs at them.
scoffs sixteen-year-old militia leader Johnny Mad Dog, the novel's second narrator.
Randolph scoffs at her firmly convinced Daisy murdered his relative.
Steve Doyle, the association's president, scoffs at that notion.
Kirby scoffs with mock indignation, referring to his strapping costar, Peter Miller.
Praeger scoffs at using heart-damaging hydrogenated oils.