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SCOLD. A woman who by her habit of scolding becomes a nuisance to the neighborhood, is called a common scold. Vide Common Scold.

References in classic literature ?
I shall not scold, but I don't like your conduct there.
In the Roundup: Ted Cruz steals the headlines at the Republican National Convention for not endorsing Donald Trump, and several conservatives scold him for failing to unite the party.
Children should also realise that it is only for their good that parents scold them.
He understands and does not scold or condemn when we fall short and fail.
Disappointed, Aleks Bukarski estimates for Dnevnik that the Greek nation, unlike us Macedonians, has not forgotten to scold owners and employers for exploiting and robbing them.
Nevertheless, Bardsley fails to produce convincing evidence to back up her assertion that the most decisive factor in scold prosecution was the presence of local elites, "who--for a variety of reasons--were personally invested in scold prosecution" (114).
If I had the opportunity to scold as our authors do, I would say that I wish teacher-librarians would booktalk great nonfiction titles every time that a unit of instruction comes into the school library.
The middle chapters focused on what makes adults scold, the effect of scolding, and which children are scolded the most.
Yankelovich isn't simply an outside scold with no appreciation of the challenges in executive suites and boardrooms.
A rodent mother can't scold or praise her offspring, but her approach to mothering lays a genetic foundation for her pups' lifelong response to threats, neuroscientists have found.
But rather than scold Simon Peter and us, it occurs to me that, regardless of whether Moses really used the veil to hide the fading of his facial glow, Paul is correct.
One out of four Japanese mothers ignore mood changes in their babies and one out of 10 scold them severely, according to a university survey released Friday on mothers with 1-month-olds.