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Ms Scolding said in her opening statement: "The church is the established church of England - the national church.
On the day of the incident, the 48-year-old slapped the boy three times and grabbed him by his neck abusively as she was scolding him for dropping her phone on the ground by mistake.
KARACHI -- Sindh Assembly proceedings were as usual filled with jokes and scolding on Wednesday as well.
Shortly after that, the secretary heard another woman shouting and scolding the dyer.
Contract notice: Supply and installation of kitchen equipment in the kindergarten scolding.
Now, being woken up with a jolt by the sound of a scolding wasn't an anomaly for an eight-year-old back then, but this time there was a difference.
It's not Labor Day yet but more candidates are announcing legislative runs, state attorneys get a scolding over not paying the other side in redistricting litigation and a new trial is ordered for Mauricio Celis - all that and more in the latest issue of our subscriber-only newsletter for political insiders ($).
Parents too feel that scolding or reprimanding kids should be avoided " Kids should be explained about the drawbacks.
Consider this letter a scolding directed to the guilty.
He said he couldn't bear the pain of his father scolding him that way.
MANILA -- Fed up with her constant scolding, an out-of-school youth beat up his 68-year-old grandmother to death in Quezon City Friday evening, smashing two crystal vases on the woman's head, police said.
The number of crows scolding the dangerous mask continued to increase for five years after trapping, as expected if social learning or social stimulation were present.