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SCOLD. A woman who by her habit of scolding becomes a nuisance to the neighborhood, is called a common scold. Vide Common Scold.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"Oh, I'll let her scold. After she gets tired, she will stop."
"We wonder how such saints can sing, Or praise the Lord upon the wing, Who roar, and scold, and whip, and sting, And to their slaves and mammon cling, In guilty conscience union.
Many a good meal I got in this fashion, while he scolded and chattered vainly at me.
I have often scolded him for it, but it is his only fault; and there is this to be said, that very few young ladies have any affections worth caring for.
Having declared her intention of staying till the master could get about again, "wage or no wage," she had found a certain recompense in keeping a strong hand over her mistress, scolding her for "moithering" herself, and going about all day without changing her cap, and looking as if she was "mushed." Altogether, this time of trouble was rather a Saturnalian time to Kezia; she could scold her betters with unreproved freedom.
Tulliver went submissively downstairs; to be ordered about by a servant was the last remnant of her household dignities,--she would soon have no servant to scold her.
'My dear Miss Catherine,' I began, too vividly impressed by her recent kindness to break into a scold, 'where have you been riding out at this hour?
We sat down in the window-seat; I assured her I would not scold, whatever her secret might be, and I guessed it, of course; so she commenced -
I gave Michael books and pictures to prepare Minny every evening, and to put her back in the stable: you mustn't scold him either, mind.
'I shall not scold, but I don't like your conduct there.
Summary: Ranveer Singh scolds driver for rash driving
The 34-year-old singer,who's dating F1 racer Lewis Hamilton, told the Sun that even though she is thirtysomething, her mother still calls and scolds her.