scope of vision

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It puts aside, obscures, or takes the place of something else--just as the head of a pin placed before the centre of the iris will block out the whole scope of vision.
They highlighted the importance of the Study Circle as it would serve as nerve centre to apprise the rank and file of the party about the political issues embracing the country and the methodology to be adopted to resolve the issues within the scope of vision of the Party and its leaders.
The government has also announced framework for 11th Five Year Plan within the scope of Vision 2025.
The World Is So Wide" is a stereotype-surmounting A-Z exploration of exciting occupations for kids that pushes boundaries and widens the scope of vision for young dreamers.
The externally guided roof slides across the roof panel when opened / closed, giving occupants ample headroom and exceptional scope of vision without a crossbeam.
However, to call what Little Arrow do as simply 'folk music' would be correct in the feeling of pastoral simplicity that binds the album together but would do a great disservice to the sense of ambition and scope of vision at play here; witness the eight minutes, 11 seconds of Lead Us Now as proof.
The promotion of the almost unlimited scope of vision correction by CLs has led to their use by about 85% of my private patients and 100% of my hospital patients.
But sometimes the greatest opportunities lie outside the normal scope of vision.
A visual field test is a method of measuring an individual's entire scope of vision, that is, their central and peripheral vision.
Sanyo's wide dynamic range camera series introduces the use of a new system called the retina morphic processing algorithm, which allows the camera to capture a wider range image similar to the human eyes' wide scope of vision.
A film colleague was so taken with the scope of vision on display that he pronounced the death of "staged cinema"--what you and I think of when we go to the movies.