scope of vision

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It puts aside, obscures, or takes the place of something else--just as the head of a pin placed before the centre of the iris will block out the whole scope of vision. The most usual form of monomania has commonly the same beginning as that from which Edgar Caswall suffered--an over-large idea of self-importance.
They developed lightweight headgear that uses ultrasonic technology to warn users of dangers outside their scope of vision through haptic feedback.
The major characteristics of cardioscope are wider scope of vision than the traditional REs and better manipulation within limited environments.
The theme of this year's exhibition is 'borderless.' Organizers hope visitors can broaden their scope of vision through enjoying the images that capture moments in daily life and explore potentials and possibilities for the future.
Jampoler draws into our scope of vision American navy presence in Manila, South China, Cochin China (Vietnam), Siam (Thailand), Oman, Mozambique, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Batavia (Jakarta), and Singapore, through the voyages made by USS Peacock and USS Boxer from March 1832 to May 1834 and USS Peacock and USS Enterprise from April 1835 to November 1837.
'How then does one know that he has glaucoma early enough to prevent blindness?' There are three functions of the eye - the ability to see objects clearly which is called Visual Acuity; then the actual area which you can see in front of you - your scope of vision. We call this the Visual Field and often refer to it as your 'island of vision in the sea of blindness'; the third is your ability to recognise colour - Colour Vision.
Eliminates glare off water, gives a wider scope of vision, help see across water, improves clarity when fishing in sandy lakes or stream beds, protects from many sunburn ocular diseases like cataract, Pterygium, Keratitis, macular degeneration etc.
Have you ever stood on the prow of a cruise liner as it ploughs through the ocean, your entire scope of vision filled with the horizon, your senses engulfed by the cerulean of the sky?
It begins with information on how the eyes work and basics of eye care, along with an overview of the scope of vision disorders and vision loss, adult and childrenAEs common eye concerns, and different types of eye exams.
Further, no private places should fall within the scope of vision of cameras unless with permission.
They highlighted the importance of the Study Circle as it would serve as nerve centre to apprise the rank and file of the party about the political issues embracing the country and the methodology to be adopted to resolve the issues within the scope of vision of the Party and its leaders.
The government has also announced framework for 11th Five Year Plan within the scope of Vision 2025.