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Owing to the scorching heat, large number of Swatis, including students, youth, and other who wanted to cool down their body temperature thronged the small canals near the river Swat and swimming spots at Mingora bypass and Fizaghat while the centre of attraction was Mingora bypass passing through near the city.
He said that the people are suffering badly due to prolonged load-shedding in scorching summer season and the management of K-Electric for last 10years has failed to produce single unit of energy/power for the betterment of city.
From Apple to Google, app reviews to the symbiotic relation between technological advances and culture, Scorching Cold will offer jargon free commentary to help listeners decide if the news they are hearing is applicable and helpful to them and their companies.
Locals of Amritsar are also suffering from the scorching heat.
Due to the scorching heat in different parts of Sindh, many people were shifted to hospitals due to sunstroke and affected the indoor and outdoor business activities.
He will face a charge of violent conduct towards the three-time Derby winner and Peter Crate, owner of Elna Bright - the horse he judged to have hampered The Scorching Wind - as well as bringing racing into disrepute.
1 -- color) Against all odds and in scorching heat, Golden Valley High's football team shows soaring spirit during practice on Tuesday afternoon.
The 1798 Sedition Act was a product of the scorching politics of John Adams' sole White House term.
If it were an isolated incident, I would put it down to a late frost scorching the leaves, but since it is a perennial problem, I would suggest that the tree is in a windy spot and it is the wind that's scorching the leaves.
Building A Cool House For Hot Times Without Scorching The Pocketbook
The Greenhouse affect would kick in, the atmosphere would become like a furnace, the global ice would melt and the scorching climate would set the stage for the emergence of a whole new kind of life.
The outcome is a long, low, almost topographic structure partially embedded in the terrain as protection against the scorching sun and scouring winds.