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Last year scorchingly hot weather blessed the event and if the sun shines this year some predict the 100,000 figure could be breached.
The scorchingly hot planet circling HD 209458 isn't likely to support life.
If Williams was off her game in the second set, at least the scorchingly hot weather yesterday was like home to her.
Tiger Woods' dominance on the golf courses has made him a ubiquitous face for not only sports products, such as the scorchingly popular Nike golf ball, but for Buick, American Express and Rolex.
I was joined by someone who does know how to drive Knockhill, my colleague from the Record IT department, John Steele, who had hurled his own scorchingly fast Escort Cosworth and other quick machinery round the tricky circuit on a number of occasions.
Hence, while the reality depicted and mapped in the stories and novels of postmodernist Hebrew/Israeli authors is confusingly jumbled, perplexingly torn, and scorchingly divorced from any trend of organizing logic, the style and language which form and reflect that reality are the most elementary and the coarsest possible.
United said its goal in switching to a uniform client/server environment was to enhance its competitiveness and profitability in the scorchingly competitive air-transportation industry by increasing schedulers' productivity and optimizing the performance of its IT system.
18 for the Circle of Friends Coffeehouse at the First Universalist Society Meetinghouse in Franklin - combines a down-home acoustic roots sound with a sultry feel, especially with scorchingly delivered lines such as: "I could never believe that your kisses were lying/ was there something from the past/buried in a shallow grave/ did you think it was too far gone to save?
Their frustration at living on the sidelines of the Assembly is scorchingly palpable.
On a scorchingly hot afternoon referee Andy Hall acceded to Millwall boss Mark McGhee's request for a drinks break during proceedings because of fears of dehydration
It was about the only water seen on a scorchingly hot afternoon, where the bright sunshine scotched fears that the ground might have been over- watered.