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It is time to recognize, plainly and simply, the debt that all of us owe to (May's) brave, groundbreaking, fiercely intelligent, deeply human, relentlessly honest, scorchingly funny work," said WGAW prez Howard A.
This scorchingly good thriller sees a psychologist on the trail of a serial killer targeting adulterers and subjecting them to gruesome attacks.
The scorchingly quick Mercedes AMG C63 will get to 62mph in four seconds and is electronically limited to 155mph
Nor does music have to come from external sources: featuring a scorchingly fast 64 GB mNAND SSD, the infotainment system offers its own spacious medium for storing music and data as well as an integrated six channel Class D amplifier (120 W) to enable superior audio output.
After a scorchingly hot three-day holiday weekend, thunderstorms, strong winds and heavy rain pounded the western state ofNorth-Rhine Westphalia, causingGermany's third-largest airport in Dusseldorf to close for about an hour.
1200 HP pulling 7500 pounds of clean airplane results in a scorchingly short takeoff run (1700 feet over a 50-foot obstacle).
He's not an ingratiating boy next door, like Jimmy Fallon, or a scorchingly candid curmudgeon, like Letterman.
deliriously howled Ahab, as the malignant iron scorchingly devoured the baptismal blood.
This political drama is scorchingly reinvigorated in Gregory Doran''s staging with a superb ensemble.
planets with likely scorchingly hot rocky surfaces.
I preferred how scorchingly sunny Egypt was to Malaysia's glimpses of light that I would so graciously receive between thunderstorms but equally inclined was I to thoroughly enjoy and perhaps favor the street markets, packed with hawker food stalls handing out the free smell of salted chicken gizzard satay, glazed with a sweet peanut sauce and completed with a fat dollop of fried chili paste.