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This backdrop of debt, inheritance, property, and financial entanglement provides a striking context for the opening lines of Beaumont and Fletcher's The Scornful Lady, in which two brothers discuss the sale of the younger brother's lands:
What is the formula to turn the notorious neutrality between citizens and government into scornful conviction of neutrality between VMRO and SDSM?
Desmond, the owner of just under three per cent of Ladbrokes shares, was scornful of the company's leaders and vowed to ensure investors get another chance to vote once the Competition and Markets Authority has decided how many betting shops Ladbrokes must sell in order to join forces with Coral.
Never be scornful of your child's fears and always try to be sympathetic and supportive.
When Sophie's best friend shows her an Ouija board app he's installed on his phone she is scornful and sceptical.
And, yes, obviously I am scornful of the claims of superstitious locals that their actions angered uppity mountain gods and caused an earthquake.
Perhaps on the day when mankind landed its first unmanned spacecraft on a comet, we shouldn't be too scornful of a proposal to build an underwater tunnel from Holyhead through to Dublin.
We are on the verge of trashing our global name and brand in an act of selfmutilation that will leave our international rivals stunned, gleeful and discreetly scornful.
And more than half of all service personnel are scornful of the degree of integration between regular personnel and volunteers.
She does not expect the seductive call of the forbidden forest; or the scornful disregard of her voice coach, brooding apprentice Nathan Daysmore; or the opportunity to sing in the very opera during which her diva mother died.
Many Congress leaders condemned the usage of scornful words by the Congress candidate.
Kora is spoilt, and very scornful of the boy, but her reckless use of power alerts the invader Vennum, and Kora must avoid capture at all costs.