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No doubt, those that piled into Hani on social media are scornful about the antics of the Kardashians.
Under a gray scornful sky, the glorious and brave knights of house Element, house Real and house Foundation arrive on steeds of silver and chrome (Ford Econoline vans) to the mysterious and enchanted land of Cachagua, kingdom of Lord Zarosh, of house Platipus skates.
The hollow boasts we'll hear today from the Chancellor as he delivers his Budget will trigger scornful laughter from victims of this Government's failed economics.
The real challenge however is interpreting the unfathomable directions provided by the 'roadbook' guide read by your scornful co-driver, which appears to have no relation to the landscape whipping past your windscreen.
Our media too amplifies this moral degradation by showing it multiple times only to attract an audience that if nothing is already highly receptive to content that is scornful and lacks in moral values.
A meeting of Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz (PML-N) bigwigs, including Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and party president Nawaz Sharif, has agreed on legislation to create deterrence against contemptuous speeches against parliament, after condemning the scornful language used for the house by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan.
Yet if Beaumont had his life written for him after his death, new evidence that I will present in this essay also suggests the extent to which Beaumont wrote versions of his own life into plays such as The Woman Hater and The Scornful Lady.
He could be as abrasive, as daring, as impudent, as demonstrative or as scornful.
Men out there, lipstick on secure in privacy, scared of scornful people who will judge and jeer relentlessly.
Incidentally, Rakhi has openly been scornful about Sunny ever since the latter rose to stardom in Bollywood.
What is the formula to turn the notorious neutrality between citizens and government into scornful conviction of neutrality between VMRO and SDSM?
Desmond, the owner of just under three per cent of Ladbrokes shares, was scornful of the company's leaders and vowed to ensure investors get another chance to vote once the Competition and Markets Authority has decided how many betting shops Ladbrokes must sell in order to join forces with Coral.