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And here was a man, decidedly good-looking--Jane and Susan Green call him bewitchingly handsome I suppose they're two of the ladies he pretends would be so glad to have him; but, however, he was certainly a very clever, witty, agreeable companion--not what you call clever, but just enough to make him entertaining; and a man one needn't be ashamed of anywhere, and would not soon grow tired of; and to confess the truth, I rather liked him--better even, of late, than Harry Meltham--and he evidently idolised me; and yet, though he came upon me all alone and unprepared, I had the wisdom, and the pride, and the strength to refuse him--and so scornfully and coolly as I did: I have good reason to be proud of that.
Of course," added Miss Cornelia scornfully, "it wasn't one of those freak resemblances you read of in novels where two people are so much alike that they can fill each other's places and their nearest and dearest can't tell between them.
Blifil scornfully rejected his hand; and with much indignation answered, "It was little to be wondered at, if tragical spectacles made no impression on the blind; but, for his part, he had the misfortune to know who his parents were, and consequently must be affected with their loss.
O Zarathustra," it whispered scornfully, syllable by syllable, "thou stone of wisdom
Molaverdi has scornfully asked what converted volleyball into an "evil" only three decades after the revolution.
They look like they have never had a bath," says his older sister scornfully (Eleanor Thorn).
The bar association indicted those it deemed scornfully "professional patrons of human rights" -- presumably Nicolaou and the press, who stood most critically against the paedophile court ruling.
WASHINGTON -- Just as Congress is hitting something of a bipartisan stride on such issues as Medicare, Iran and trade, President Barack Obama and his White House team have decided to go after their Republican critics, picking fights and scornfully calling them out by name.
Hathoda Chalaenge kya (will you work with hammers), asked my relatives scornfully, when I told them that I got admissions for mechanical engineering," says Chhabra.
And so now you have to fawn and snivel and grovel to the mechanic over the phone who laughs scornfully and says, today holiday, I am in Sharjah.
Asked if Brazilian football will have to reinvent itself, Scolari replied almost scornfully, saying: "Why?
Massachusetts--often scornfully referred to as "Taxachusetts"--actually has a lower business tax burden than most states, including New Hampshire, according to the data used in a recent report by the Massachusetts Budget and Policy center.