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Today, establishment opinion-makers, who scornfully rejected the pertinence of social class, have contributed to a political environment in which class politics was never more pertinent, toxic, and less discussed.
The subject of the letters centred on Vines' belief that Ms Maitlis had acted "scornfully" towards him after he had told her he loved her while the pair were studying at Cambridge University in 1990.
She looked at me and scornfully mouthed the words, "What?" while she furiously shoved food in a bag.
Later, he scornfully returns the rock to Rosie, telling her it was the Golden Ball, but looks like an ordinary rock now.
Molaverdi has scornfully asked what converted volleyball into an "evil" only three decades after the revolution.
They look like they have never had a bath," says his older sister scornfully (Eleanor Thorn).
WASHINGTON -- Just as Congress is hitting something of a bipartisan stride on such issues as Medicare, Iran and trade, President Barack Obama and his White House team have decided to go after their Republican critics, picking fights and scornfully calling them out by name.
Apparently, the Nazis--they are scornfully referred to as "Pozzie Nazis" are on one side, and people who call themselves "balanced"--but who are derided as "brute force trainers"--are on the other.
The other day, at a university meeting, I heard a young professor refer scornfully to "the Enlightenment project," which (she said) proclaimed that the growth of reason was conducive to a fantasy of ultimate perfection, a fantasy that in turn was used to justify colonial conquest.
"Hathoda Chalaenge kya (will you work with hammers), asked my relatives scornfully, when I told them that I got admissions for mechanical engineering," says Chhabra.
And so now you have to fawn and snivel and grovel to the mechanic over the phone who laughs scornfully and says, today holiday, I am in Sharjah.
Asked if Brazilian football will have to reinvent itself, Scolari replied almost scornfully, saying: "Why?