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His patron Sir Roger Manwood is identified by Scot as a 'father to the poor' who 'is by nature wholly inclined and in purpose earnestly bent to relieve the poor, and that not onely with hospitality and alines but by divers other devises and waies tending to their comfort'.
Like us, those Scots lived in an economically depressed region with a hostile climate.
Don: Scot, you mentioned earlier that a foreign corporation cannot qualify for QSSS status.
The friend said Scot had always feared for his life since then, and added: "I believe Scot was murdered".
And today Scot flew to the Isle of Man to start work on a sixpart TV series called Serious and Organised, with ex-EastEnders star Martin Kemp.
The group of tight-knit, wealthy Scots Catholics was of great assistance to Bishop Macdonell in obtaining land grants.
We had a French teacher come in to teach to the classes, David Walliams books translated into Scots, a Scots assembly where pupils and classes were reciting Scots poetry and singing songs in Scots, Irn-Bru and shortbread were given to every pupil and to end it all we organised a very special languages day of eight different activities.
Scots is a language in its own right, having a separate linguistic history to that of English (McClure 2009: 13-14).
The language is nicely balanced between correct but less well known Scots words (oxters, scrieve, perjink) and the Scots which is more a representation of the accent (speylt, meeserable, freend) meaning that is not too intimidating for those less familiar with the language.
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