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In this research, the piers for two bridges including Motor Way Bridge on Kabul River and Khairabad Bridge on Indus River are modeled in the hydraulic laboratory of Civil Engineering Department, University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar and the scour depth is measured.
1] suggested that, the total scour at bridges can be divided into long-term degradation of the river bed, contraction scour at the bridge and local scour at the piers or abutments.
1% flooding scour depth obtained by reliable statistical analysis
Local scour around the spur dike foundations failure spur dikes.
Once hardened, the foam rock dust will not scour off.
This research aims to develop an integrated web-based management system that provides the real time bridge scour information through combining Global Position System (GPS) and Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) technologies to monitor the bridges.
SEARCH FOR A STAR Seanie McGrath says Cork will scour the county for fresh hurling talent SEARCH FOR A ST A T R Seanie McGrath says Cork will scour the county for fresh hurling talent
Today, scour continues to compromise the integrity of the Nation's bridges, even as engineers and inspectors work to analyze and address potential problems and minimize the effects.
A contract to provide scour protection has been awarded to the Dutch company Tideway BV, which will operate out of the port of Barrow in Cumbria, and will use rock sourced from the north west of England.
Apart from infectious agents there is also nutritional scour, which is also very common among calves.
I read with interest all the letters about eggs for scours in livestock, and was reminded of Storey's Guide to Raising Dairy Goats (available from the Countryside Bookstore, 1-800-551-5691) and their scour and electrolyte recipes.
Scour is the erosion of foundation soils around or under bridge abutments and piers > caused by water action.