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C-l-e-a- n, clean, verb active, to make bright, to scour.
to keep bright the devil's door-knobs, and scour his tubs this bright day
Let the great soul incarnated in some woman's form, poor and sad and single, in some Dolly or Joan, go out to service, and sweep chambers and scour floors, and its effulgent daybeams cannot be muffled or hid, but to sweep and scour will instantly appear supreme and beautiful actions, the top and radiance of human life, and all people will get mops and brooms; until, lo
I heard Lord Saxthorpe tell him that the police had received orders to scour the country for him, and that they were coming to St.
And her pleasure was to ride the young colts, and to scour the plains like Camilla.
I confess I was more moved at their stupidity and brutish worship of a hobgoblin than ever I was at anything in my life, and, overcome with rage, I rode up to the hideous idol, and with my sword made a stroke at the bonnet that was on its head, and cut it in two; and one of our men that was with me, taking hold of the sheepskin that covered it, pulled at it, when, behold, a most hideous outcry ran through the village, and two or three hundred people came about my ears, so that I was glad to scour for it, for some had bows and arrows; but I resolved from that moment to visit them again.
he could hear it growling and whistling in the distance, and on it would come rushing over the hill-tops, and sweeping along the plain, gathering sound and strength as it drew nearer, until it dashed with a heavy gust against horse and man, driving the sharp rain into their ears, and its cold damp breath into their very bones; and past them it would scour, far, far away, with a stunning roar, as if in ridicule of their weakness, and triumphant in the consciousness of its own strength and power.
He darts across the road into the boy's path, but the boy is quicker than he, makes a curve, ducks, dives under his hands, comes up half-a-dozen yards beyond him, and scours away again.
The complexity of flow increases with the development of the scour hole.
We'll scour the county, we know we have a few positions to shore up," said McGrath, a trusted lieutenant of Jimmy Barry-Murphy in the Cork set-up.
Today, scour continues to compromise the integrity of the Nation's bridges, even as engineers and inspectors work to analyze and address potential problems and minimize the effects.