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In the afternoon, students visited Haworth Scouring Company to see the next stage of the process where the wool is washed and scoured before being processed into a number of various woollen-based products - from carpets, rugs, soft furnishings to cloth and insulation.
The scoured fabric was treated at 95oC for 45minutes as per the above recipe and then washed at boil and rinsed with cold water.
Russian Railways said an explosion had occurred on Saturday as investigators and rescue workers scoured the wreckage, but gave no word on injuries.
This paper deals with interface phenomena of ecologically scoured cotton material.
But when police scoured his computer for clues, they found 182 indecent images and 18 films.
However, preliminary results indicate that at many sites--especially those near the dam--the flood apparently scoured sediment from the river channel and redeposited it along the riverbanks, just as scientists had predicted.
From the underwater photo, we could see that the foundation concrete on water face was scoured and destroyed, and the water face existed defect place, the foundation base was scoured seriously, and existed pore space.
When good quality wool is scoured, the fiber length of resulting wool tops is reduced about 20 mm (0.
Cresting 10 to 30 feet above flood stage in places, the record-high flows scoured the countryside from Minnesota to Missouri.