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Oh, some have laughed and some have cried And some have scoured the country-side
Her coaches and chaises all went back, and the guards too; and I scoured into the marketplace for shelter.
If I had taken money from Arthur Gride, he'd have scoured the whole earth to find me--aye, and he'd have smelt it out, and raked it up, somehow, if I had buried it at the bottom of the deepest well in England.
A sworn foe to dust, she swept and scoured and washed without ceasing.
I was rather in want of amusement, and so rare an opportunity was not to be neglected; so, leaving both meadow and hedge, I quickly repaired to the spot, but not before Sancho, who, immediately upon perceiving his young friend, scoured at full gallop the intervening space, and pounced upon him with an impetuous mirth that precipitated the child almost into the middle of the beck; but, happily, the stones preserved him from any serious wetting, while their smoothness prevented his being too much hurt to laugh at the untoward event.
Having scoured the whole coast of the enemy, as well as any of Homer's heroes ever did, or as Don Quixote or any knight-errant in the world could have done, he returned to Molly, whom he found in a condition which must give both me and my reader pain, was it to be described here.
Junia, it was found that the 84 meter high and 350 meter long concrete bridge is exposed to damage risks since the ground where both the two piers of the bridge (Bridge Pier I and Bridge Pier II) are rooted has scoured in addition that the access road to underneath the bridge had collapsed.
The latest batch of images was issued by West Midlands Police after officers scoured footage of incidents in Birmingham city centre and Handsworth on August 8.
Teams scoured the slopes of the ravine where the Boeing 737-800 crashed off a hilltop runway on Saturday, killing 158 people.
RUSSIA'S top investigative body said its chief was injured by a bomb that went off as he and colleagues scoured the wreckage of a passenger train derailed by an earlier blast.