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Everything but the kitchen sink Check under the sink for supplies of washing-up liquid, kitchen roll, dishcloths, scourers, rubber glove, dishwasher tablets and rinse solution.
Yes, we're talking washing-up liquid, kitchen roll, dishcloths, scourers, rubber gloves (there'll be a lot of washing up over the next few days), dishwasher tablets and rinse solution.
An average of nine people a week have required treatment or assistance having ingested objects, with coins, beads, toys, chunks of metal and sponge scourers also removed.
LAST WEEK'S PUZZLE ANSWERS WERE: Page 8 - Ark, Page 17 - No 2, Page 25 - Scourer
It's not just that it will look totally out of place next to the elegant St Martin's Church, the design reminds me of a cross between a metalised pan scourer and a multi-storey car park but without the car parking spaces.
A dry green kitchen scourer is excellent for rubbing off marks from emulsion-painted walls.
If you have a greenhouse, hose it down with a forceful jet of water and use a safe cleaning product and a non-abrasive scourer specifically recommended for cleaning glass.
Cleaning the floor is a cinch with the tangle-free microfibres, built-in wringer and a scourer end tip for stubborn stains.
CLEAN SCRAPERS Rusty decorating tools such as scrapers and filler knives can be cleaned using a metal scourer and turpentine.
The summer season is crucial for stocking metal scourers, such as Spontex Tough Scourer, which is perfect for removing burnt-on-food from the barbecue.