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Arriving at the Linthorpe Road takeaway, officers found it in a disgusting state and binned a wire wool scourer that was identified as the source of the metal shards found in the customer's meal.
He adds that the fully-automated scourer production line comprises bespoke equipment tailor-made for the South African market and built in the within country with the support of local and international 3M engineers.
Leave overnight, then scrub with warm water and a scourer.
Because of the high cost of replacing mains, where possible water companies clean and reline existing pipes - and that usually involves dragging a steel scourer through the pipe and flushing out the residue with water.
LAST WEEK'S PUZZLE ANSWERS WERE: Page 8 - Ark, Page 17 - No 2, Page 25 - Scourer
It's not just that it will look totally out of place next to the elegant St Martin's Church, the design reminds me of a cross between a metalised pan scourer and a multi-storey car park but without the car parking spaces.
Earlier this year the company came out with its ScumBuster motorized scourer and scrubber, and the FloorBuster cordless upright vacuum cleaner.
You get two in a packet, on1e with the scourer and one which is 'normal' for your other hand.
Among the 67 objects found inside patients in the Borders were coins, batteries, a glass snow dome, a sex toy and two scourer sponges.
But I used a pot scourer on it and it's terribly scratched.