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Michael Dwyer, Managing Director of the firm, said that the company's optimistic attitude is attributed to the enhancement of its two wool scourers, low stockpiling and improved trading in the market and also the efforts that it had employed for marketing its products.
Take EcoForce, a range of household goods including clothes pegs, kitchen scourers, sponges and dusters made from recycled material and priced on a par with or below the competition, with a pack of 24 clothes pegs or a pack of two sponge scourers selling for [pounds sterling]1.
Under the CareFree Kitchen heading is Spin N' Stir cookware, which features spinning prongs under the glass lid that stir the pot's contents; a line of metal bakeware with silicone handles; Mix N' Stir drink pitchers that feature a mixing propeller on the bottom that stirs the liquids; meal preparation items, such as a salad spinner, fruit peeler, drink mixer and one-hand pepper grinder, among other items; and several home cleaning items, such as cleaning brushes and scourers.
Handy tough scourers from Spontex are great for this.
Do not use bleach or abrasive scourers or cleaners for stubborn residue.
Raw wool is purchased and scoured by wool scourers then blended and spun by Summit in preparation for use in carpets and rugs.
But they piled up everywhere--old twisted red green yellow and blue scourers.
The Classer' looks at the work of Australia's early pastoralists - wool classers, scourers and shearers - and brings to life the rich history of the country's wool industry, according to the Gold Coast Bulletin.
BATHROOM CLEANERS: Relentless advertising has convinced us that it takes a small army of products just to clean the bathroom: toilet cleaners, tile scrubbers, sink and tub scourers, antibacterial cleaners, mold and mildew fighters, deodorizers, and stain removers.
Add a shelf to the under-sink cupboard with shoe-boxes to hold small items like scourers, packs of dishcloths, soap and so on.
Iron or Steel Wool, Pot Scourers and Polishing Pads, Gloves: European Union Market Outlook 2010 and Forecast till 2015
The supply of floor pads and scourers for use with floor cleaning machines and for every day cleaning of cooking utensils equipment and surfaces.