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But I yielded not; I knelt down and wrestled with the tempter, while the scourge bit more fiercely into the flesh.
The scourge hath not prevailed against thee, and from the dungeon hast thou come forth triumphant; but strengthen, strengthen now thy heart, Catharine, for Heaven will prove thee yet this once, ere thou go to thy reward.
Catharine's fanaticism had become wilder by the sundering of all human ties; and wherever a scourge was lifted there was she to receive the blow, and whenever a dungeon was unbarred thither she came, to cast herself upon the floor.
Then at the end of the verse the scourge changed hands and the chanting began anew.
And that will take a total commitment of local political, community and educational leaders to end this scourge.
Enthusiastically recommended reading and a welcome addition to any community library fiction collection, "The Cielo" is a superbly crafted, deeply engaging, positively gripping story of courage, endurance, and testament to the Tuscany peasantry who suffered the scourge of war upon the gorgeous landscape and peaceful people of Tuscany.
A demon named the Scourge has escaped confinement and plans to destroy the universe.
We must not relax our efforts to combat the scourge of illicit small arms and light weapons, which continue to kill, maim and displace scores of thousands of innocent people every year.
With more than 150,000 members and supporters, 33 chapters across the country and 18 international posts, it works to build human bridges of mutual respect and understanding among diverse ethnic and religious groups; support Israel's right to exist in peace and security; fight the scourge of international terrorism, anti-Semitism and all forms of hatred and extremism and defend democracy, religious freedom and human rights.
Faced with this tragedy, the Catholic Church in Africa is waging a spirited fight to contain the AIDS scourge in the continent.
ENI)--Churches in India have taken the lead in initiating an interfaith response to the scourge of HIV/AIDS, which is reaching massive proportions.
The Catholic Church assures all of her commitment to eradicate from the world the scourge of hunger and other consequences of poverty.