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He expressed the stance as he held a phone call with President Hollande, reiterating his country's support to France in confronting the scourges of terrorism, violence and extremism.
Summer Scourges (The Garden Variety) Spiders and ivy and ticks, oh my
They emphasised the importance of publishing a work on scourges, diseases and insects and form a work team tasked with the management of pesticides and follow-up of the processes of their utilisation.
Newer scourges have now sprung, not the least of them HIV/AIDS, a "rough thistle.
The Health for All accord, signed in 1978, set a goal of 2000 for eliminating many international scourges.
We are devoting increasing resources to combating trafficking in humans, and HIV/AIDS, seeking to focus increased resources to efforts to fight both those scourges.
The realities of inferior educational resources, the scourges of drugs and AIDS, the cycles of welfare and poverty, the lack of strong positive male role models, and the specter of prison all take their toll on black communities, destroying the solid values in families and neighborhoods.
Which is why the City Council is adapting the Beggar Begone Law to deal with a variety of public scourges.
Because scientists had detected no starfish scourges in Australia before 1962, some blamed pollution, dredging or harvesting of starfish predators.
He hailed the humanitarian role of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in supporting refugees all over the world, describing the summit as reflecting the UA-led pioneering role in confronting emerging challenges and confronting the scourges of violence and extremism.