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The wool scour which dates from 1867, making it almost 150 years old is largely intact but needs urgent stabilisation works.
Once hardened, the foam rock dust will not scour off.
This research aims to develop an integrated web-based management system that provides the real time bridge scour information through combining Global Position System (GPS) and Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) technologies to monitor the bridges.
Calf scours is an outcome of collective interaction between different composite factors intermingled with each other.
Coccidiosis is my main concern in young stock, with some animals a bit of scours and it's over, with others it's an on-going problem.
Mr Williams pointed out that by drinking good quality colostrum ( ideally at least three litres within six hours of birth ( a calf can develop the necessary protection against key infectious scours.
FARMERS are being warned to guard against scour outbreaks in cattle because of overcrowding in buildings as a result of foot-and-mouth.
More relevant than simple keyword searches, LeapTag uses dynamic tagging to define the users' interests and to scour the Internet in search of matching content.
The Brawny scours are heavyweights -- 25% to 50% heavier than the competition -- for increased surface area coverage and durability.
To do this, TurboTax scours your return for deductions and credits so you don't leave money on the table.
Built to address the frustration experienced by travel consumers using traditional web search engines, TripAdvisor's specialized search technology scours the internet to find only the most relevant articles and opinions available on the web.