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The scout alludes to a tradition which is very popular among the tribes of the Atlantic states.
I am not a prejudiced man, nor one who vaunts himself on his natural privileges, though the worst enemy I have on earth, and he is an Iroquois, daren't deny that I am genuine white," the scout replied, surveying, with secret satisfaction, the faded color of his bony and sinewy hand, "and I am willing to own that my people have many ways, of which, as an honest man, I can't approve.
A scout horse that has a reputation does not play with it.
Dropping my machine rapidly toward them, and circling to the rear of the warriors, I soon saw that the object of their pursuit was a red Martian wearing the metal of the scout squadron to which I was attached.
You can show Captain Granet in," he told the boy scout who answered it.
Then to the scout the blue-eyed chief replied, 'Thou ever tremblest.
This was but one of Cluny's hiding-places; he had caves, besides, and underground chambers in several parts of his country; and following the reports of his scouts, he moved from one to another as the soldiers drew near or moved away.
Because (the scout replied) the house was filled with constables and soldiers; having been surprised that afternoon.
It is so unworthy of you, this setting on of such a shameful scout.
The scouts of the party were instantly on the look-out for the owners of this animal; lest some dangerous band of savages might be lurking in the vicinity.
The Arickaras, too, who had suffered greatly in their wars with this cruel and ferocious tribe, were roused to increased vigilance, and stationed mounted scouts upon the neighboring hills.
Through the long black night the savage scouts wriggle, snake-like, among the grass without stirring a blade.