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Algorithm 3: The flow of BCO for detecting attribute outliers 1) Set BCO parameters; 2) Locate each scout bee at a random position; 3) Evaluate the fitness for each scout bee's position; 4) Select elite bees and update the solution table S; 5) Recruit a number of bees around the elite bees for neighbourhood search and evaluate their fitness; 6) Select the fittest bee from each elite region; 7) Assign the remaining bees to search randomly and evaluate their fitness; 8) Go to step 4) and repeat until the convergence and termination conditions are met.
They labeled scout bees visiting the two boxes with paint marks of two colors.
When a scout bee finds nectar, she will dance for the forager bees.
After this the scout bees search the surrounding environment in a random manner so that new sources of food may be determined depending on either two aspects, the first one being internal motivational factors or other external indications.
Most will stay put looking after their Queen and waiting for the scout bees - the ones flying back and forth - to bring back news of a new abode.
The book goes on to discuss how the decision to swarm is arrived at, and how the individual scout bees work within a swarm, getting the colony to come to consensus about where the location of their new home will be.
The bees keep the queen safe in the middle of the swarm as scout bees look for a dark place to build a new home.
In previous work, Cornell University biologist Thomas Seeley clarified how scout bees in a honeybee swarm perform "waggle dances" to prompt other scout bees to inspect a promising site that has been found.