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After this the scout bees search the surrounding environment in a random manner so that new sources of food may be determined depending on either two aspects, the first one being internal motivational factors or other external indications.
The author leaves the reader with a bit of wisdom: "We now know that the amazing feat of democratic decision making performed by the scout bees offers us deep lessons about how a group of individuals with common interests can structure their group so that it functions as an effective decision-making body.
The swarming bees cluster near the parental hive for a few days while several hundred scout bees, the oldest in the swarm, locate and advertize prospective nest sites and choose the best ones.
In the new study, Seeley, a professor of neurobiology and behaviour, reports with five colleagues in the United States and the United Kingdom that scout bees also use inhibitory 'stop signals' - a short buzz delivered with a head butt to the dancer - to inhibit the waggle dances produced by scouts advertising competing sites.
There are three important classes of the bees; employed, onlooker and scout bees.
The natural food foraging process of a honey bee colony starts with a number of scout bees from the colony searching for food sources.