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The WOM Scouter than uses natural language processing (NLP) techniques to analyze what blogs it collated are saying about the product and provides a straightforward positive or negative opinion on the product's reputation.
He was an enthusiastic Scouter who was liked by the many young people that he met.
Imagine knowing what tree stand to hunt tomorrow based on today's buck movement, day or night," says the Smart Scouter brochure.
When political pressure forced them to allow non-Europeans to become full Scouts in 1936, South African Scouters introduced racially specific distinctions into the uniforms of the four "parallel" European, African, Indian, and Coloured sub-associations that made up the larger South African Scout Association.
Silver Acorns went to: Tony Gell, district scout leader, Kettleness; Dennis Palmer, honorary scouter, 1st Marske Barn Owls Scout Group; Ian Scrutton, district treasurer; Ray Silver, group scout leader, 1st Loftus Scout Group; Terry Sunley, group scout leader, 3rd Guisborough Scout Group; Derek Whitwell, group scout leader, 1st Saltburn Scout Group.
But, as Gary said, "I consider myself a good scouter, I position my stands well and I am fortunate on seeing quality bucks, but I have never been able to close the deal on a great deer.
Scout from your office desk with the Smart Scouter Cellular Surveillance System, a high-end trail camera that wirelessly sends captured images to a cell phone or computer.
Villanueva and Christopher Walker, all of whom won Good Scouter awards.
Would any Scouter who took part in the above Gang Shows, or anyone with any information as to the whereabouts of a Gang Show member, please contact the Esther Pearson on (0191) 257 7692.
Second round: Viles bt Harrison at 20th; Wood bt Temple 2 and 1; Williams bt Scouter at 19th; Brown bt Teasdale 6 and 4.
Scouting was his life and he was an extremely good scouter.