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Christopher says that Scouting has taught him "a lot of leadership skills," and believes "the merit badges can help me get future jobs.
The basic argument that Boy Scouting drew fewer and less restrictive b oundaries (except in race
It now not only discriminates against gays but also discriminates against any scouting group--like those in our community--that disagrees with the discrimination.
I cofounded a group called Scouting for All, which is circulating a petition for a change in the Scouts' policy.
We realize that most high school programs will face certain limitations in scouting themselves, but we believe that most coaches will find the ways and means to overcome their handicaps.
The Eagle Scout Association--SHAC is a fellowship of Eagle Scouts living and working anywhere in the service area of the Sam Houston Area Council, formed to attract and motivate Eagle Scouts to support each other and the Scouting program through networking, mentoring and events.
Eagle Scouts must complete at least 21 merit badges, actively participate in Scouting, including leadership, as well as complete an extensive service project that involves others and generally includes 100 hours of volunteer work.
But it has been such an honor to take part in supporting and advancing Scouting, which gives so many underprivileged kids confidence and opportunity that they otherwise wouldn't have.
In an interview with the CBS News program 60 Minutes on April 1, California Republican congressman Dana Rohrabacher, cochairman of the Congressional Scouting Caucus and himself an Eagle Scout, told Lesley Stahl there is a "practical reason" for the antigay policy that even Scout officials are "afraid" to articulate.
The chartered organization is expected to "conduct the Scouting program according to its own policies and guidelines as well as those of the Boy Scouts of America" Paradoxically, according to The Council, the council of the Boy Scouts of America is pledged to maintain its own policies and to cooperate "fully" with governments "within the framework of our Charter and Bylaws" This apparently means that the BSA can put its own rules above those of government, including discrimination statutes.
Other options are researching peer-to-peer Web sites or visiting a movie studio with the Scouting troop.
The Good Scout award is presented to those who best exemplify the Boy Scouts' ideals through their community service and also for their support of scouting.