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He's a man of his word, with the acclaimed-chef keeping a watchful eye on his charges and putting the finishing touches to my scrambled eggs.
EGG-STRA SPECIAL: Eggs Benedict, and below, Barry Langston, the chef at Home at the Woodside ferry terminal TASTY BREAKFAST: Pesto scrambled egg
We're proud to introduce our new Scrambled Egg Patties as yet another example of how we're helping consumers start their day on the right foot.
Not scrambled eggs this time but exquisitely done Eggs Benedict, dripping with hollandaise sauce, on a lush bed of spinach and Canadian ham, bursting with the goodness of what the West calls free-range, barn-laid, organic eggs--usually with a price tag to rival a Mercedes E-Class.
I ordered scrambled eggs on toast, a skylark cooked breakfast for myself and a vegetarian breakfast for my wife.
Those who prefer scrambled eggs were found to hold managerial or senior posts in the workplace.
Remove toast from the grill and butter, before placing the scrambled egg on top.
Crispy bacon, avocado, scrambled egg, our smoky cheese blend, freshly made pico de gallo and a spicy sauce hand-wrapped in a large flour tortilla.
Generously spread toast with Maille Hollandaise, top with asparagus spears and finish with creamy scrambled egg.
Divide bacon between two halves and top with scrambled egg.
Frying, poaching, boiling or scrambling the perfect egg takes a little bit of skill, however I have managed to teach my son and daughter to make scrambled egg as good as me.
The Eggology-on-the-Go product comes in small 4-ounce cups that can be popped into a microwave oven (for 95 seconds) for an individual serving of scrambled egg whites (the top pops up when done).