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The vehicle is an online-only version of the Scrambler that it is set to sell in Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Portugal.
Inspector Ian Stead, of Ellesmere Port local policing unit, said: "Riding scrambler bikes at speed along a pavement where pedestrians are walking is extremely dangerous and a serious offence.
The scrambler was then walked back down to his vehicle.
Around 40 scrambler bikes and quads took part in the lawbreaking, which they posted online titled: "Reckless Ryders shut down Birmingham".
There is a clear need to address the problem of scrambler and quad use as a number of adults and children have lost their lives or have been seriously injured by these vehicles.
It will provide a host of unique component riders can choose to make their motorcycle their own, comprising a Solo Seat, protective grill for the headlamp, an engine guard, a Scrambler style windshield, and different products.
One of the bikes was called the Urban Jungle Scrambler and was built for Carl Fogarty by IDP Custom Moto to celebrate Foggy's win in last year's I'm A Celebrity.
10am this morning when an orange scrambler bike containing one rider and one pillion passenger collided with a wall.
PC Andy Springthorpe, from Low Hill, said: "The new scrambler bike enables us to conduct patrols in hard to reach locations, leaving no hiding place for criminals.
Police say the scrambler then rode alongside a lone cyclist and kicked him in the hip with such force he lost control of his bicycle and fell into the road.
30pm: Four boys aged between 14 and 17 appear on a red large scrambler for 40 minutes, doing wheelies at very high speed.