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There was a brief fierce scramble, the rugs were tossed on the ground, Dickon held Colin's arm, the thin legs were out, the thin feet were on the grass.
Again the stubborn bull essayed to scramble to his feet.
I made a sweeping blow in the dark at them with the levers, and began to scramble into the saddle of the machine.
In the mad scramble he was aware that the color sergeant flinched suddenly, as if struck by a bludgeon.
At one place, they even stripped off their coats and hung them upon the bushes, and thus lightly clad, proceeded to scramble over these eternal snows.
Away, then, did they scramble through bush and brake, horribly frightened at every bramble that tugged at their skirts, nor did they pause to breathe until they had blundered their way through this perilous wood, and fairly reached the highroad to the city.
We had approached within a mile and a half perhaps of this foot of the bay, when some of the islanders, who by this time had managed to scramble aboard of us at the risk of swamping their canoes, directed our attention to a singular commotion in the water ahead of the vessel.
He tried to scramble up the side of the cabin, and succeeded in catching a fleeting hold upon the thatched roof.
Before ever he could scramble up again I was on him and had buried my knife in his heart.
To scramble then to Tarzan's side was the work of but an instant.
In a very few moments it was necessary for Elaine to scramble to her feet, pick up her cloth of gold coverlet and pall of blackest samite and gaze blankly at a big crack in the bottom of her barge through which the water was literally pouring.
Here Alice wound two or three turns of the worsted round the kitten's neck, just to see how it would look: this led to a scramble, in which the ball rolled down upon the floor, and yards and yards of it got unwound again.