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Meall Dearg can also be climbed from the north, a route devoid of any scrambling difficulties - but where's the fun in that?
Plans to extend the opening hours of a motorbike scrambling track between Builth Wells and Llandrindod Wells could be decided by committee.
Several image encryption and scrambling methods have been explored to improve the security hidden and encrypted data (Wang, Chang, Liu, Song, and Liu (2015).
Originally set up in 1938, it disbanded in 2011 but current Scottish scrambling champion Derek was passionate about seeing it come back to life.
Image scrambling is a technology that transforms a meaningful image to a chaotic image such that the image information cannot be obtained intuitively.
Keep in mind that the healthiest way to prepare your morning egg is by hard-boiling, poaching, or scrambling it (if you're having scrambled eggs, add some mixed frozen vegetables or spinach).
The report of the NATO jets scrambling comes amid heightened tension between the West and Russia, after the U.S.
Scrambling incidents against Russian planes substantially dropped 43 percent to 51 times.
The clash prompted an Internal Security Forces group to intervene and make use of rubber bullets that led to more scrambling and uncritical injuries.
Clerk Robert Rogers has now ordered an immediate u-turn meaning chefs at Westminster's numerous catering outlets will be supplied with fresh produce for scrambling and omelette-making.
Japan's Self-Defence Forces "responded by scrambling fighters," according to a brief press release from the ministry which came with a map of the Russian planes' flight path.
The man from Cheshire had been scrambling up Pen yr Ole Wen, in the Carneddau range when the accident happened.