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In addition to running within Aerospace Manufacturing and Design, the Scrap Management publication will also run four times within the pages of Today's Medical Developments.
Ground rubber--One of the largest markets for scrap tires is ground rubber, which consumed more than 30 million tires in 2005.
As electric are furnaces run at full capacity, less scrap is available, resulting in greater demand for the substitute materials Midrex makes.
Information on Italian-built systems for scrap reclaiming and reprocessing.
A dispute has erupted between scrap handlers and scrap users as to whether there should be export controls on ferrous scrap supplies.
4 million tons of scrap copper -- enough to surface 350 trillion new pennies;
As his business at that location grew and stabilized throughout the 1990s, Randy was also keeping his eyes and ears open for a location that would allow him to expand into ferrous scrap and wider operations than he could undertake at his original site.
Tire manufacturers have been working hard for 16 years to promote environmentally and economically sound solutions to reduce scrap tire waste," said Michael Blumenthal, RMA senior technical director.
Cumberland and Size Reduction Specialists offer new granulators with dust containment to reclaim medical molding scrap in clean rooms.
The next month, ferrous scrap shattered the $200 per ton ceiling, and the AMM No.
Scrap industry veteran Albert Cozzi says, "We are pleased to enter this business partnership with O'Brien and to be aligned with Chicagoland's fastest growing quality full-service metal recycler.