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Texas, Alabama, Michigan and Ohio came out on top in terms of improving the scrap tire situation within their borders in 2005 compared to 2003.
RMA's report, based upon a comprehensive survey of state scrap tire and solid waste officials and industry participants, says that 259 million of 299 million scrap tires generated in 2005 went to an end use market.
The markets for ferrous scrap should hold up fairly well throughout the next several quarters, according to speakers at the ISRI event.
rotor length, a large hopper opening and an expanded cutting chamber dimension to accommodate and process heavy purgings, reject part, spent distribution packaging, sheets, bulky scrap, film, dense end trims and pipe/profile.
The Coalition feels due to the inflated domestic costs resulting from high volumes of exported scrap, the government needs to impose limits on scrap exports and help reduce suppliers' surcharges.
"The sharp increase in nickel pricing from $13,000 [per metric ton] at the beginning of the year to over $30.000 in September and October has stimulated stainless steel scrap availability and most mills are able to maintain their scrap ratios," he noted.
The largest markets for scrap tires included ground rubber (which consumed more than 30 million tires in 2005), civil engineering (which consumed nearly 50 million tires for road and landfill construction, septic tank leach fields and other contruction applications) and tire-derived fuel (which consumed 155 million scrap tires since 2003, a 20% increase).
Weima has a new WL series of shredders for woven and non-woven scrap. Davis-Standard is developing a new cascade dual-extruder line for high output of low-bulk density film and fiber.
In January of 2002, ferrous scrap markets were continuing to struggle through a market trough, with American Metal Market reporting No.
At the foundation of these six steps is the importance of developing a multidisciplinary team focused on following this procedure for all casting scrap. Team members should include workers from quality assurance, production, accounting and sales so that the knowledge base understands both the foundry and customer sides of the equation and can prioritize jobs based on their contribution to overall scrap and profitability.
Throughout the 1970s and into the 1980s, Randy followed in his father's footsteps, using a series of newer and larger trucks to collect scrap to supplement his income.
For demolition contractors and C&D recyclers, the message would seem to be to keep paying attention to the scrap metals they handle in 2006, because mills, smelters, foundries and export brokers will be willing to pay for material to feed a healthy metals industry.