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Unemployed young people have been thrown onto the scrap heap due to the abolition of the Future Jobs Fund, cuts to the Health in Pregnancy Grant and Sure Start are hurting expectant mums and families and the education of local children will suffer due to the abolition of the Building Schools for the Future programme.
Speaking about Lynn, Esther Rantzen said: "There are so many recent cases of older women being thrown on the scrap heap.
Many do not have any form of lighting at night and ride cycles in pedestrian areas, and anyone can get a frame off a scrap heap, put two wheels on it and go on the road.
Bob Ennis, of south Wales-based Timber Developments, said: "I've had to call in liquidators today and that's the end of a well-established family company and a lot of skilled men on the scrap heap.
Along with many other scribes, the pair had consigned Kauto to the scrap heap, 'not the same horse' 'lost his shine' 'best behind him' etc, etc.
Sure, incorporating an old jumbo jet into the design of the new 4,000-square-foot home does save it from the scrap heap.
Translated from the Turkish language by Saliha Paker and Mel Kenne, "Swords Of Ice" by Latife Tekin (a major best-selling Turkish author) is the story of Halilhan Sunteriler, an aspiring entrepreneur who rescues a red Volvo from the scrap heap thinking that this will help him to be successful in his business ventures.
An examination of the used tire business is said to reveal some unsafe practices, and a business that often starts in a scrap heap.
But Coyle, who rescued Scotland from the scrap heap last August after the Home Office refused to renew his work permit at Dundee United, hopes winning promotion to the SPL will entice him to stay.
95) offers up fine ideas for something often regulated to the scrap heap, showing how to use buttons, beads, and scraps as well as old and cast-off clothing for maximum advantage.
In the United States alone, more than 5 million personal computers will be relegated to the scrap heap in 2007, according to the National Safety Council.
Eddie, Eddie And Me On The Scrap Heap is the delightful and original story of how the three social misfits try to help Eddie with his autism-based poor social skills and provide him with a positive and creative atmosphere in which to grow.