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John Farquhar, 74, said: "Pensioners are being put on the scrap heap.
However, its financial and economic affairs committee has asked for more time to negotiate with the government after MPs effectively threw the budget on the scrap heap.
If the Government will not listen to Labour then perhaps they will listen to the IMF and get our economy growing and get people off the scrap heap and into work.
Cameron and the rest of his front bench government are all out touch millionaires with little understanding of the real world Stop trying to save the world and start saving our public services from the scrap heap.
I too thought this historical ship would be left to go rusty and would end up on the scrap heap.
THE Harrier aircraft consigned to the scrap heap and the Ark Royal to an uncertain future.
Unemployed young people have been thrown onto the scrap heap due to the abolition of the Future Jobs Fund, cuts to the Health in Pregnancy Grant and Sure Start are hurting expectant mums and families and the education of local children will suffer due to the abolition of the Building Schools for the Future programme.
A 23-year-old Skoda with only 2,500 miles on the clock has been saved from the scrap heap and is back in a Newcastle showroom.
Speaking about Lynn, Esther Rantzen said: "There are so many recent cases of older women being thrown on the scrap heap.
Many do not have any form of lighting at night and ride cycles in pedestrian areas, and anyone can get a frame off a scrap heap, put two wheels on it and go on the road.
com offers a new concept to provide owners of damaged vehicles an option to the scrap heap or expensive repairs.
We must take a step back in time to save our young people from the scrap heap.