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This includes some members of the family that was collecting scrap iron for sale.
There was scrap iron and steel sitting on the premises.
Because there was scrap iron and steel (piled up) on the premises of the (nuclear) site, they had cut holes into the fence of a 1.
What makes their escape even more remarkable is the fact the Bordesley Green Road firm in Small Heath usually unloads trolleys of scrap iron into the crusher without checking them first.
scrap iron in the territory of the educational and training complex without relevant permission.
It is used alongside scrap iron in electric arc furnaces (EAFs) to generate crude and finished steel products.
Exports of wheat, flour, sugar, vegetable oil, soybeans, aluminum, scrap iron, copper wire, car tires, and steel products were also banned.
Current industry data for scrap iron, aluminum, copper, nickel, stainless steel, lead, zinc, paper, plastics, rubber, glass, textiles and electronics.
Another company, Simsmetal East LLC, which provides barges to Benson for hauling scrap iron and steel to its recycling plant in New Jersey, also agreed to follow best practices to prevent further problems, the newspaper said.
In recent years, the Macedonian railway company complained a few times that rail traffic security is threatened because of the frequent thefts of cables and other supplies by people trading in cooper and scrap iron because of the high copper price.
The first models were loaded with various pieces of scrap iron, rocks or even wood.
The Montecristo's owner, D'Alessio Group, said that the attack occurred 620 miles off Somalia as the crew was hauling scrap iron to Vietnam on a journey that began on September 20 in Liverpool.