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The idea of [using] scrap iron first came to mind in the Fine Arts Sector of the Ministry of Culture years ago, and originally we intended to run a workshop accompanied by a national exhibition.
Other key drivers to the continued growth of the pig iron sector include the maturing of China's scrap iron market and a general decline in the quality of scrap iron elsewhere in the world.
Blagoja Menkovski, commander of the Fire Brigade, said that the blast happened while cutting scrap iron.
David Cooper of Cooper Metal Recycling in East Moors Road, Cardiff, said scrap iron had been selling for pounds 250 a tonne, but exporters and steel mills were now only willing to pay pounds 25 a tonne.
The price of steel bars has fallen to just a quarter of peak levels, copper is worth half as much and scrap iron prices arenowat just 10% of their peak levels, according to Mr Cooper.
In May 1946 the Greek-born wife of the Head of Chancery, Mrs John Russell, was wandering in the ruins of the old city when she came to a yard selling scrap iron and junk.
The shredder tears mixed, unprepared scrap iron such as automobiles, appliances and foundry scrap into fist-size pieces.
Handling large volumes of metal that, for the most part, have already been exposed to the elements has allowed the baling of scrap iron and steel to evolve into a high-tonnage outdoor exercise using large machines.
Tokyo) says that the costs for both scrap iron and fuel coke doubled between 2002 and 2005.
The recycled concrete is being used as aggregate for construction purposes at the airport; the scrap iron was sent to a yard to be recycled, while additional debris was sorted for recycling purposes.
Prices of scrap metal, particularly copper and scrap iron, have gone through the roof, driven largely by demand from China.
The Wei Hang 9 loaded scrap iron at Shiogama port in Miyagi Prefecture and was bound for Dalian port in China, the coast guard said.