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When the scrap metal collectors said that they were going to call the police, the buyers allegedly told them: "Let's keep quiet about this.
At the Kirklees meeting in March police said the licence rejection would send a strong message "to all Kirklees scrap metal dealers that taking and handling stolen metal is not only unacceptable, but it also puts your licence in jeopardy as well".
She added: "To help reduce metal theft, fly tipping and noise, our Environmental Crime Unit has regular operations with the police locally which licensed scrap metal dealers are very supportive of.
According to police however, scrap metal thefts have actually tapered off as a result of new regulations brought in this year.
Detective Inspector Mark Cleland, of British Transport Police, said: We will be working with scrap metal dealers to enforce this code of conduct until legislation kicks in later in the year.
With several topics listed for discussion like, scrap metal tips, tools for the job, electronic waste recycling, proud to be a scrapper, and several others, the iScrap App Metal Forum will be a new place for the scrap world to come together.
Mr Cotterell said: "I am delighted Lord Henley said that new clauses will be laid before Parliament to ban scrap metal dealers from paying in cash.
Happily, the three scrap metal dealers who purchased items in this case - Starr Scrap Metals, Schnitzer's Metals Recycling, and Goldstein's Scrap Metals - alerted authorities to the items, held onto them, and aided police in tracking down the suspect.
The company has pledged the value of scrap metal bought in and donated by members of the public throughout July to the charity.
Dublin Scrap Metal of Newark, NJ has been honored with a recognition by NJBiz in its selection of "New Jersey's Top Recycling And Waste Management Companies.
a scrap metals recycler servicing the automotive service center chain store industry with commercial customers throughout North America, has executed a Letter of Intent to acquire a 51% interest in the scrap metal auto parts export business of Earth Metal Scrap USA, Inc, a New York Metropolitan Area based export firm with trading facilities in India and Dubai.