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The spokesman also reminded those engaged in the businesses of vehicle repairing and scrap metal dealing that they must register with the EPD as a chemical waste producer for the WLABs produced.
Reportedly, AlagaE- and board members ME-cahit Kaya and Hatem Dolayman had previously received a tip and gone to a site belonging to the municipality where they claim they saw scrap metal being loaded onto a number of trucks.
Scrap metal thefts cost the UK more than PS770m a year.
Scrap metal dealers are also being asked to be vigilant and make sure the origin of the metal they are taking in is genuine.
Clr Cathy Scott, Joint Kirklees Cabinet member for Place, said: " is decision shows that there will be no tolerance towards those dealing in stolen scrap metal and we will work with the police and the courts system to hold to account those found to be trading illegally.
The scrap metal has since been sold to help fund future operations.
An offence of buying scrap metal for cash will come into force this Sunday, December 1.
Though police investigations are as yet inconclusive, scrap metal trading is a likely motive.
Schumer's Metal Theft Prevention Act would make it a federal crime to steal scrap metal from critical infrastructure--roads, wiring or piping, for example--and require scrap metal sellers to prove they are authorized to sell the material.
In areas where there are council ID schemes for casual scrap metal sellers then this will also include a local authority issued photo ID card.
8234;The iScrap Forum is not the first scrap metal forum out there, but it is another form of connection that the iScrap App is doing.