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The Constitutional Court has dismissed an application by a local exporter of scrap metal for leave to appeal the judgment of the High Court of South Africa and the Supreme Court of Appeal upholding the States scrap metal export provisions, known as the price preference system, and ITAC's decision to refuse to issue export permits to the SA Metal Group.
The Scrap Metal Bill 2013 seeks to introduce a number of new far-reaching measures that will help bring sanity and clean up the scrap metals sub-sector by, amongst other things, rendering it difficult to buy and sell stolen metal," said Principal Secretary Wilson Songa.
With people needing to register to trade, we have observed fewer people come in to sell scrap metal," said Andros Epiphaniou of the Nicosia-based Epiphaniou Scrap Metals.
WAR MEMORIALS, commemorative plaques and train cables maybe less liable to damage after a bill on scrap metal trading was passed in Parliament.
WHETHER it is the roof of an ancient manor house, live electricity wires crossing a field, or simply a metal water trough, anything that can be sold on as scrap metal is proving a magnet for thieves across Wales.
Once full, clients can call URSI for a quick pickup of the container and prompt payment for their scrap metals.
Among nonviolent crimes, there are few more despicable than those perpetrated against the dead and their memories, including toppling gravestones, putting graffiti on monuments, or doing what a North Grafton man is accused of - stealing brass grave markers to sell as scrap metal.
ANY old iron could be used to save lives after a recycling firm vowed to give the value of any scrap metal donated in July to the Midlands Air Ambulance.
The company now participates in a $75 billion global scrap metals market through its acquisition of Scrap USA in December 2010.
The number of available scrap container sizes is almost as numerous as the number of grades of scrap metal.
ISRI) in Chicago in late September, provided a central point for a series of presentations and accompanying speculation about how markets for scrap metal will fare in 2006.
Goal #3-Prevent inclusion of new restrictions to recycling of scrap metal by foundries.