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Tint World(R) Automotive Styling Centers, an auto accessory and window tinting franchise, is now the authorised dealer and installer of Scrape Armor, a provider of front bumper and undercarriage protection panel kits designed to protect cars with low front overhangs.
We found The Great Scrape when searching for an alternative, and our customers love it.
In the deer herd's case, they learn all of that simply from the odors left behind by previous tenders of the scrape.
A scrape, he said, is made when a buck clears out an area on the ground, usually under an overhanging branch.
This study is undertaken with the aim that scrape cytology is a rapid, simple and easy technique for tissue diagnosis.
A hunter will have better luck in the pre-rut using a buck scent, since dominant bucks are checking scrape lines and getting territorial," he says.
He also gave information during investigation about another godown full of stolen 400 ton of scrape.
PESHAWAR, March 30, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Police and government institutions had completed registration of all the scrape traders.
The T-Sensation[R] is a batch reactor that incorporates a scrape surface plate heat exchanger.
5 : to get with difficulty and a little at a time <She's trying to scrape together money.