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One of the busiest extras in our home is our scraped spot deviceit seems that naively as you accomplishment one live of consumer goods, there could be any extra heap that unusually shows up out of the blue.
An overly large scraped area or bowl-shaped appearance screams that the scrape was used a lot the previous year.
HRS has launched a new scraped surface heat exchanger to the market called the HRS-Rotex.
ii) It was then scraped with end of the glass slide forming an acute angle with the cut surface to be sampled.
Therefore, research on automatic quality inspection of scraped surface is an important way to improve the quality and efficiency of the scraping.
I didn't realise that a car had hit mine, scraped all along the side and broken the side mirror and just carried on driving.
The large amount of scraped surface area inside of the reactor and its variable speed scraped capability make this unit extremely versatile for complex and delicate products.
1 : to remove by repeated strokes with something sharp or rough <He scraped a patch of crust off with his fingernail.
Even with the gentlest of cleaning, the non-stick came away and we were back to scraped bacon.
A survey of deep waters in western Lake Superior reveals the tracks left when massive icebergs scraped the lakebed during the last ice age.
A lighter palette of scraped greenish grays provides the backdrop for a deconstructed image of a flower in a vase.
As the flux covers the top of the melt, a portion of it is scraped open to allow a rotary impeller to be placed in the melt for degassing.

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