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HRS has come up with a novel system to make a rotary scraped surface heat exchanger possible with a multi tube design.
There are several researches have been done on high points recognition methods of the scraped surface.
If you know of a car recently scraped along the driver's side could you please let me know as my insurance will not cover the damage.
Once the degassing process is complete, the cover flux is scraped off and the melt is visually inspected for cleanliness.
The weight of the equipment took him to the bottom, where the rough surface of the concrete ripped his clothing and scraped his skin.
Then we scraped the ground underneath with a stick to create a "scrape" about 36 inches in diameter.
A Ford spokesperson said: ``He has badly scraped his left hand and scraped his back and backside.
The first was a tiresome injury when I scraped my knees against rocks while getting out of the water after a swim.
Damage was slight - scraped paint on both the QE2 and the Kashima, scrapes and some bent metal on the Manchester.
GRIMSBY scraped to their first win in four games in an unconvincing performance at Blundell Park.
1 cup pearl barley 6 cups water Light vegetable oil cooking spray 1 cup chopped onion (1 medium onion) 1 1/2 cups scraped and chopped carrot (2-3 carrots) 1 cup dried lentils 1 bay leaf 1/2 tsp.
ARMLS maintains that the CRT opinion does not factor in the end use of the scraped and indexed listing data.