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Dense smoke filled the cockpit and the passenger cabin and the aircraft's lower fuselage scraped along the runway before the cockpit crew were able to bring the plane to a halt.
The scoops scraped along the surface, gathered the regolith, and rose to dump it into a tub at the top of the robot.
Business daily Nikkei pointed out that the team had scraped along with a budget about 20 per cent of the $500 million that many F1 teams enjoy.
By the time the plane finally landed in Birmingham, its flaps were jammed, a set of wheels was missing and one engine scraped along the runway in a shower of sparks.
The sound was unmistakable - the jarring crunch of a spade being scraped along the gutter.
Nobody among the 56 passengers and four crew members on the plane was hurt in the incident, in which the plane's nose scraped along the ground causing sparks during the landing.
When the stand grabbed the light, it scraped along the ground for several feet and began bending at the base.
Karen Mullen, prosecuting, said the yellow council van was travelling at 15mph and whenever it was approached by an oncoming vehicle, it over compensated and pulled so far into the near side it scraped along the hedge and the van was travelling on the grass verge.
The family scraped along by eating ramen noodles, buying clothes at thrift stores, showering at a local truck stop, and sleeping in parking lots.
Perhaps they resulted from the oscillation of water in a large crack or fissure in the iceberg, or maybe B-15B scraped along the ocean bottom or against an undersea mountain as it drifted northwest.
Martin, aged 20,suffered horrific injuries when his hand scraped along the road with the car on top.
As the bus scraped along the highway, the patients fell down on the open windows that were scraping along the highway and it just took off their skin and limbs and joints.