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The Shaligar had sustained considerable damage to the deck, railings and rigging which seemed to have been caused by it having scraped along the side of the much bigger ship.
Gary McBride, 15, of West Calder, Midlothian, was killed as the silver Fiat tore up 15ft of fencing, flipped upside down, scraped along a stone wall then fell 20ft into the water.
My back scraped along the bricks as I fell down and I banged my leg as I landed on a stick.
Coulthard took the lead when champion Hakkinen crashed out at the end of lap 17 when he lost control of his McLaren and scraped along the wall in the home straight.
We were in bed when we heard a noise like a metal skip being scraped along the floor.
Horrified guests claimed it moved about and scraped along the floor in the night.
Then for some reason Mr Helens lost control of the vehicle and scraped along the wall for a short distance before going over the carriageway and into the car, which Mr Norman had stopped.
It scraped along the side of a Renault Megane before hitting a Rover Metro almost head-on and then rolling over.
Last night, a large scratch was visible on the side of the bus where it had scraped along a lamppost and a pool of blood lay on the step of the vehicle at the open doors.
He has scraped along by poaching officials from other regions to fill in the gaps.
DRUGS PROBE: Bloomberg; CARNAGE: The Staten Island ferry lies in dock with a 200 ft hole in its side where; it scraped along a pier at speed after its pilot blacked out at the wheel.
Witness Jackie Sinclair, 30, said: "The plane touched down and its wing scraped along the tarmac.