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But it hailed a "return to robust growth" in the second half so far amid signs of modest improvements across all markets, while the struggling Britvic Ireland arm scraped back into profit in the first six months.
Shop assistant Ms Munckton, from Tatworth, Somerset, and student Ms Whiteside, from nearby Chard, scraped back their hair and plastered on make-up to play their Vicky Pollard-style characters.
Their JCB scraped back the turf in one section and it revealed a mosaic pavement - it was a great feeling.
This new Glam ponytail from Hothair, available in 12 natural colours, cleverly attaches with a clip to your own scraped back hair, however short the stump.
He jumped out to a 5-2 lead, but Castillo scraped back to 5-5 and eventually forced a tiebreaker, which Smith won 7-5.
When workers scraped back the burning refuse, they discovered that the flames had ignited a subterranean coal seam.
Incremental layers of internal plaster have been scraped back to reveal the original brickwork, fragments of tiling and mosaics.
Orlando, 39, showed off his torso while singer Katy had her hair scraped back as they declared to all they are an item.
While Kanye looked more miserable than ever, Kim managed a smile this time - albeit a small one - as she wore her long hair scraped back and glowing make-up.
Layers of thick paint are applied, scraped back, masked, built up and ground down to create highly textured, colourful and emotive work.
You can either wear loose around your shoulders, slung in a low ponytail or scraped back into a wet-look chignon, below.

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