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Trendy black coat with funnel neck and buttons down the side, dark hair scraped back, Asian or eastern European looking.
Both models looking stunning in the glamorous photos, Moss can be seen with her hair scraped back, with small curls falling down in front of her ears.
Her newlydyed red hair is scraped back to reveal a tanned face glowing without make-up.
Britvic said its struggling Irish operation scraped back into profit in the first six months.
Alex Curran heading into Cavern Walks Cavern Hair Boutique with her hair scraped back but looking naturally gorgeous and slim and wearing sky- high Louboutins .
The scheming Ms Wormwood, played by Samantha Bond who is dressed in a sharp black suit, with her hair scraped back, looks like a force to be reckoned with.
Her hair is scraped back and there are deep black circles under her eyes.
The BBC executives are probably praying there'll be lots of Strictly Ballroom-style cat fights where the professional dancers will start accusing Sweeney of nicking the hair gel which helps them to keep the hair scraped back off their foreheads.
Nat also swapped the harsh scraped back ponytail she wears in the show for a sexy, straighter hairstyle.
HE can afford the world's top hairdressers, but David Beckham would have scared the crows away with this bizarre scraped back mop.
But, with bubble-gum pink lipstick, false lashes, platform shoes and scraped back hair.
Helen, who was dressed in tartan leggings and a leather jacket, with her hair scraped back and without smudge of make-up, managed to look beautiful as she entered Scott's brand new bat mobile-like Mercedes.