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The little shrunken financier was intensely delighted to have questions asked him, and he scraped together information, by frugal processes, and took notes, in his little greasy pocket-book, of incidents which might interest his munificent friend.
The pair, with no sailing experience, had scraped together [euro]8,000 for the houseboat because they were "sick of their jobs".
People "of an age" will know exactly what it is we're talking about - thick snow, massive flakes that created real blankets, blizzards that would bury your face in seconds, and snow that would create a real snowman, not like the ones scraped together from the light frosting we get these days.
I scraped together a few hundred quid and bought the poorest example of a dreadful car that it is possible to own.
She scraped together the money she earned and bought her first cameraa second-hand Voigtlanderand immediately took to the streets of her native city to document the lives of fellow New Yorkers, a lifelong project that resulted in one of the more intimate and personal photographic records of New York's Lower East Side produced in the last century.
Slovenia, which scraped together funds to bail out its banks in late 2013, is now selling companies including Ljubljana airport and flag carrier Adria Airways.
Judge O'Hagan was told [euro]16,000 had been paid off and she had scraped together [euro]260 for charity as a donation.
North Greenford, managed by former Chelsea midfielder Neil Shipperley, have scraped together only 11 points all season although seven of those came in their last four games, including the midweek draw at Daventry.
Sixteen on their squad had rescinded their contracts over delays in salary payments, so Leiria scraped together a team consisting of youth players and Benfica loanees.
The money scraped together through the review would be diverted to the new extra budget and the fiscal 2010 budget.
50 we scraped together was not enough to nab our favorite item: the nasal douche Elvis used to irrigate his sinuses before concerts.