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Such were the sort of scrapes they were always getting into; and so, partly by their own faults, partly from circumstances, partly from the faults of others, they found themselves outlaws, ticket-of-leave men, or what you will in that line--in short, dangerous parties--and lived the sort of hand-to-mouth, wild, reckless life which such parties generally have to put up with.
While they had been quite little boys, the scrapes they got into in the School hadn't much mattered to any one; but now they were in the upper school, all wrong-doers from which were sent up straight to the Doctor at once.
After a couple of scrapes, be looked at himself closely in the mirror, grinned, and went on shaving.
They took her there, gave her a knife, and said she must scrape at the iron stove.
Then she was taken out, and had to scrape for four-and-twenty hours, but she could make no impression.
There were men to cut it, and men to split it, and men to gut it and scrape it clean inside.
Tom found out what the matter was, and sided with Polly, which proceeding led to scrape number two.
I only want to keep you out of a scrape, for Fan will be raging if you go.
Richard assumed the office, with a nod at his cousin, that said quite plainly, “You see this fellow can’t get along without me;” and began to scrape the linen on his knee with great diligence.
Now, I rather guess there is not another gentleman present who could scrape the lint so well as Squire Jones
So am I, but a kind word will govern me when all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't," said Jo, trying to say a kind word for her friend, who seemed to get out of one scrape only to fall into another.
This time it's for the Welshman and his sons, on account of that scrape they helped her out of the other night.