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I found some cursory scrapes along the outer edge of the cover and surmised they'd been made at night.
The ice mountain rises 75ft above sea level and seconds later, Titanic scrapes along the iceberg, which rips a 300ft gash along the ship's side, below the water line.
IT'S ALL OVER: The pilot emerges from the aircraft as millions of TV viewers watch in amazement; SPARKS FLY: The aircraft scrapes along the runway on its belly as emergency fire crews stand by; ROW: Passports price rises and ID cards; FINAL APPROACH: The fearless pilot brings his plane in to land despite having no undercarriage
He will divide his time between four activities: intimidating other bucks (or being intimidated), scent checking does, making rubs and scrapes along the field edge and eating.
But it has travelled the world ever since, surviving scrapes along the way.