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She added: "Any scraping of the vaginal epithelium [tissue] could affect the vaginal ecosystem and theoretically could spread HPV locally and would increase a woman's vulnerability to infection.
Scraping is a rudimentary technique in which computer programmers can pull information off a website.
During the peak rut, I still have a few cameras on scrapes, even though scraping is typically taking a backseat to travel routes.
Create cool textured and watercolor-like effects with the drawing compound using the four-sided scraping tool while the studio case helps hold each masterpiece in place.
A huge range of conventional methods and molecular based techniques are present that provide information related to unknown organisms that are associated with corneal infections.4 Corneal scraping examination is one of the ideal diagnostic procedure for infective keratitis.5 These scrapings are used for direct microscopic methods which are easily available and worthy in detection of microorganisms.6 Although culture is also used for corneal scrapings and considered as a gold standard for identification of pathogenic organism of infective keratitis7 but direct microscopy of smears provides prompt information of causative microorganisms.6
A coalition of 62 financial technology (fintech) firms are to fight plans by the European Banking Authority (EBA) to ban screen scraping of customer data from online banking interfaces.
'By repeatedly attempting to resort to the basest of technicalities, and in lieu of substantial arguments against the merits of her Supreme Court petition, is scraping the bottom of the barrel for whatever argument is left to support her continued illegal detention,' De Lima said in a statement.
After peak scraping ends and before spring green-up arrives is the best time to read scrapes.
IST Research utilizes Scrapy Cluster to execute continuous, on demand scraping of many different domains required by DARPA Memex performers.
ScrapeDefender estimates that losses from web scraping content theft are close to $5 billion annually.
The 51mm diameter rotor provides 36mm of clearance between the scraping blade and the rotor's surface; providing 44 percent more annular space for product and enabling free passage for even large pieces of product.
In traditional scraping processing, features of the high points are recognized by human eye and measured by very simple tools after the operation, such as position, contour, density distribution and so on.

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