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Road rehabilitation works (scraping / laying), Rue ponsay, Rue du chne and de warze, Rue de bihay and bemont in ouffet including: Existing scraping, Reprofiling existing foundation, Local repair of areas of poor pockets, Implementation hydrocarbon coating and two-layer coating, Setting up and repairing water nets
A coalition of 62 financial technology (fintech) firms are to fight plans by the European Banking Authority (EBA) to ban screen scraping of customer data from online banking interfaces.
After peak scraping ends and before spring green-up arrives is the best time to read scrapes.
IST Research utilizes Scrapy Cluster to execute continuous, on demand scraping of many different domains required by DARPA Memex performers.
ScrapeDefender estimates that losses from web scraping content theft are close to $5 billion annually.
proposed a non-contact laser-based measurement system for evaluation of the scraping workpiece quality, which use the laser beam to scan the surface in order to measure the depth of the scraping spots.
The 51mm diameter rotor provides 36mm of clearance between the scraping blade and the rotor's surface; providing 44% more annular space for product and enabling free passage for even large pieces of product.
Here's when other countries stopped bowing and scraping to unelected heads of state: USA 1776, France 1792, Portugal 1910, China 1912, Russia 1917.
The Higher Hamburg Court found that websites scraping Ryanair's website in order to resell flights at higher prices is unlawful in Germany.
3 : to make a scraping noise <The dog was scratching at the door.
Unfortunately, I sometimes don't get to the scraping task for a day (week
Von Plessen both applies paint and removes it, often scraping his wet canvases so hard that an imprint of the stretcher beneath is visible.

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