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Two of the biggest names in the sport are scraping along at the bottom this year, having both been beaten in all of their first four contests.
The balloon created by the US space agency NASA is to circumnavigate the globe at a height of 20 miles, scraping along the edge of the atmosphere and studying outer space.
Isitt drove between other vehicles, barging them out of the way and scraping along their sides, and rammed a police van which tried to block his way before knocking a police motorcycle and its rider onto the ground.
The incident shocked onlookers at the crowded airport who saw the right wing of the MD-80 scraping along the runway before the aircraft came to a halt 160 metres away from where it initially touched down.
If you are scraping along on a minimum wage you are hardly likely to be swayed by a designer shaving hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds off their clothes if the tag still remains in the triple digits.
They were forced to slide down emergency chutes after the Belfast-bound BA Regional Turboprop plane landed lopsided on the runway, one wing scraping along the ground.
My bottom was almost scraping along the wet sand and I ended up with sand all over me but it was a brilliant experience
In her work she makes a sort of new sub-genr e out of selutilation, drug-fuelled sexual excess and scraping along the bottom of life's barrel with one foot in a rehab centre and the other in her publisher's offices.