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A nice chunk of change, especially if you're in the middle of scraping together $355k to boot.
While fellow South African-born Anglo Craig Kieswetter, cracked a patient maiden international century to set up England's 45-run whitewash-clinching win over Bangladesh, Pietersen had a less memorable day in the middle, scraping together 22 in 36 balls, yesterday.
So despite standing in B-plus (the leg position of a motionless swan) for exhausting stretches, bumping elbows in crowded dressing rooms, a fear of fading into the woodwork, nursing tendonitis, braving the steep ramp for the Shades' entrance in La Bayadere, scraping together cash for the cable bill, struggling with tutu zippers, getting thrown into a new spot in Ballet Imperial at the half-hour call, and listening to The Nutcracker overture one more time, dancers say the job is still worth it.

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