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Most vulcanized elastomers can be mechanically ground (for recycling) to a fine particle size with none of the compounding ingredients contained in the scrap being changed or removed.
In reclaiming of scrap vulcanized rubber, the scrap is normally ground and is then treated with the application of heat, chemical peptizers and is then intensely worked mechanically to partially devulcanize (depolymerize) the rubber component.
Experimentally, the process is capable of reducing the manganese content of steel scrap from 0.87% to 0.28%.
Gallagher notes that when some mill companies expressed concern that their scrap purchasing departments were overpaying for shredded scrap, what they learned from their purchasers and melt managers was that they were paying a premium for low-copper shred, often after it had been run through a newly developed bulk scrap analyzing machine.
Separate programming tracks will cover other ongoing issues for scrap recyclers, including public and community relations, ISRI's Scrap3 certification program, environmental compliance, transportation, business management and safety.